How to become a CAP pilot

Below is a step-by-step list of instructions explaining how to become a pilot in Civil Air Patrol.

  1. Obtain your CAP ID card and your CAP uniform
  2. As a basic qualification, you must be an FAA licensed Private Pilot or above, hold a current class 3 medical certificate.
  3. You must have a current flight review, in accordance with FAR 61.56 (logbook entry or FAA Wings certificate).
  4. Study CAPR 60-1 (on the national web site) and pass the "CAPR 60-1 Form 5 Annual Examination - Powered" online test.
  5. On the National website, print and sign the “Statement of Understanding”.  The "CAP Pilots" webpage is a good central location for many of the regulations and forms. 
  6. Complete the "Aircraft Ground handling" online course.
  7. Verify in "eServices / Ops Qual" in the "What Do I Need" section for "CAP VFR Pilot" or "CAP IFR Pilot", to make sure you have all the prerequisites before your checkride.
  8. Find a Check pilot from the Stan/Eval page under Operations on the NCWG website.  Ask your operattions officer if you need help.
  9. Complete an “Aircraft Questionnaire " for the aircraft you will be taking your checkride in.
  10. On the National website, print a Form 5 check ride form .
  11. Ask your check pilot to schedule the aircraft and obtain a flight release.
  12. Report to the check ride in a CAP uniform and have, your FAA certificate and medical, logbook, completed Aircraft Questionnaire, completed Statement of Understanding, CAP ID card, and have the top portion of the form 5 filled out.
  13. Pass the oral exam and the check ride.  Ensure your check pilot has signed the F5 and A/C Questionairre
  14. Scan your Form 5, upload it into Ops Qual, and make a request to have your F5 validated.  Ask your check pilot if you need assistance.
  15. Once your Form 5 validation request is approved, you are now a CAP Pilot.  Let your operations officer or commander that you have made a validation request.
  16. Start training for Cadet Orientation Pilot and Mission Pilot!